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Solar Systems can not work without designing so let us know your requirement and know which system is fesible for your requirement (on-grid , off-grid , Hybrid or DC system)

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Why designing is important ?

The first step in Solar PV System design is sizing. It is the most important aspect of design and based on it, everything is worked upon. If you undersize a solar PV System than you will not generate enough power and end up continue paying to Grid Company and your overall power cost will be high. On the other hand if you do not have net metering or reverse power purchase agreement with the Grid Company, and you produce excess power then you will not get paid for excess power produced. Your overall system will not be cost effective and you will have longer payback period.

It is very confusing for the end user as well as installer to correctly size the solar PV system due to various factors Variety of Solar Panels and its specifications Solar Panel efficiency Solar Radiation Number of Sun Hours Environment factors (Ambient temperature, humidity etc.) Solar array orientation and Type of mounting structure Conversion Efficiency (DC to AC Conversion)

It is very important that the solar array be sized accurately to the site-specific electric usage, array orientation, and the type of equipment used.

Designing also let us know ,which system has to be installed according to load requirements at site whether it is on-grid/off-grid or hybrid systm requirement .Please feel free to contact us for further details and discover how solar electric technologies can be a cost effective solution to your energy problems.