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After designing or calculations we come to know how many panels, batteries or cells are required,which inverter has to be installed ,wiring sizing,PJBs,MJBs and structure.

Our aim is to provide good quality items for smooth functioning of your system and once the design is ready then the items comes in varity of qualities so the costing of the system depends upon the choice of items precured

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What is Procurement ?

A good quality system always require good and efficient items for its working like solar panels, batteries tubular or deep cycled,Cells for larger systems, junction boxes IP 65/67/68 ,Inverters (single phase/ three phase),Earthing, lightning arrestors ,DC wiring , fuses, DC switches and the most important thing is GI structure ,only then the system lasts for at least 25 years.

So we always suggest our clients if you think of solar then think for 25 years at least so install good brands of solar Panels and other items related to the system and forget everything